What is Ms Excel

Excel 2010 is a program from Microsoft that uses spreadsheets to store, organize, and analyze information. In Excel 2010 you can create and format workbooks ( a collections of spreadsheets), in a well-organized and with the best analyzed way to make the most inexpressive decisions.

Excel Face

Excel 2010 is an excellent choice for all, for young and adults who need to be able to add, subtracts, multiply. or divide numbers. You can even create a lots of math formulas to carry out some of the basic math operation. Excel 2010 not only allow you to work with formulas, but you can even create functions to manage your data even better.

Common tasks in Excel 2010 include, but not limited to:

Planning As a Pro.

    • Plans; meals, parties, vacations and other.
    • Plan your yearly taxes
    • Research plan of any kind
    • A weekly class plan

Calendar – to keep tracks of all yours activities likes:

    • churches year
    • fiscal year
    • business

Keep track of data using a time sheet or a list.

    • Time sheet for hours worked
    • Inventory list

Budgeting you needs either related to your family or to your business.

    • Retirement plan
    • Marketing budget in your business
    • An event budget
    • A family budget

Tracking, Reporting, Accounting, and More…

So, to have Excel 2010 mean; to have the technology at your hands to produce the best ever report, the best formatted table, a wonderful pivot table, the most organize budget or inventory list, and so much more…, giving you the ability to impress everybody…especially your boss.

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