Uninstall Internet Explorer (ie9)

To uninstall Internet Explorer (ie9)

If you have installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta or Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) in your computer, and you want to remove ie9 from follow this simple instructions..this instructions can also be applied to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    1. Click the Start buttonwindows 7 start button
    2. In Search programs and files type: Programs and Features
    3. In the next window; View installed updates in the left panel.uninstall option in windows 7
    4. Under Uninstall an update, scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section.
    5. When prompted to restart, you have two options:
      1. Restart now (to finish the process of uninstalling Internet Explorer 9, and restore the previous version of Internet Explorer).
      2. Restart later (to wait until you shut down or restart your computer).

This is how you uninstall ie9…

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