How to find special character map in Word 2010

How to find special characters in Word 2010 ]]>

I know there are many like me whom speak two language, and one of the language uses word with accents and specials characters like Spanish. When I write in Spanish language I have to use the specials characters all the time! This is the reason to make this solution, to let someone to know how to find the special characters in this new Microsoft Word 2010. I myself had a hard time to find it, when I first started using Word 2010, and don’t want for you to have the same trouble. This is for Windows 7

First open Microsoft Word 2010:

1. Click on Start,

Windows 7 Start button

2. On search programs and files type: word.

3. You will see it on top of the programs list, click on it.

4. On Word Document window: Click on Insert Tap On the Insert Ribbon, you will find it all the way to the right, you will see a symbols tag, click on it.

5. Next press on Symbols, if you don’t find the one you are looking for, then at the bottom of that little window, you’ll see More Symbols, click on it.

6. In symbols box find the one you need and click insert at the bottom of the windows or get the shortcut key on your bottom left of the window. Alt+(Num.)

Some Shortcuts for those that use spanish language specials characters:

Keyboard’s combination Special character Keyboard’s combination Special character
Alt + 0225 á Alt + 0193 Á
Alt + 0223 é Alt + 0201 É
Alt + 0237 í Alt + 0161 Í
Alt + 0243 ó Alt + 0211 Ó
Alt + 0250 ó Alt + 0218 Ú
Alt + 0241 ñ Alt + 0209 Ñ


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