How to make a simple formulas

A formula is an equation to performs calculations. It is like using a calculator. Using formulas in Excel you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and much more…

Called reference in Excel is the ability to calculate using the cell address to represent the value of the cell.

Let’s make a simple formula! Excel uses standard operator for the calculation such as ( +, -, *, /, ^ ), and always ( = ) at the beginning of the equations.

How to: operator formula
Add + =3+3 = 6
Subtract =3-3 = 0
Multiply * =3*3 = 9
Divide / =3/3 = 1
Exponent ^ =3^3 = 27

Create a formula.

To add cell A3 and cell B3, select the cell to display the result, then type this formula :  = (click the first cell) + (click the second cell), and press enter. Is like selecting (C3) and type =A3+B3 then press enter.
How to add two nunber in excel 2010

You can use this example with the rest of the operators, go ahead and try.

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