Set up a default Search Engine in Chrome

In Chrome, the search engine in integrated in the address box (omnibox). In this way Chrome facilitate your search experience, because doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you just have to type it in the address bar. If you need to know about a recipe, a book, or a web site, just type it and if is anything from this planet your find it!

Google, Yahoo, Bing,, eBay, and so many websites have their own search engine, but you can only use (as far as I know!) only one at a time. Some people love Google, others love Bing, so you may not like either one. This is why I like to show you, how to set up your favorite search engine in Chrome as the default search engine.

How to set up the search engine.

  1. With Google Chrome opened. Look the address bar.address bar
  2. As you can see I typed the word cat, and as I’m typing the results show at the bottom of the address bar. If you look very close in the result in the first of the list, you see my default search engine (Google).search engine google
  3. Now I will show you how to change the default search engine. If you right-click the address bar, you will see this a drop down menu, go ahead and click Edit search engines…
    edit search engine

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