Page’s Description in DreamW cs5

As a webmaster, I assume you know how important is be found by the search engines; Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so;many others. It important because you want to share with as many people as you can the content;of your site. Your site, is the way you have to communicate;or lets say to share your God given talent, whichever it is. In the other hand, it is important for us to find the pages of your site, because;we need the talents of those talented people like you, to help us.

Its important to know the ways to accomplish this matter. Even so, there are so many ways to do this, I’m going to talk about the way I always do, ;when writing my pages in Dreamweaver cs5. The page description is accomplish by using <Meta tag> inside the <head> section of the code. Even so, it is going to;be in your code, it will not show in your page, but will help the search engines to know about the content of your site;or an specific page.

Why is important the Meta Description?

Are HTML attributes;that provide information about the content of web pages, are use by search engines to display a preview snippets for the page. The best length for optimal results in Search Engines are roughly 150 characters. Here, the webmaster have the opportunity to advertise, what they have to offer to those searchers, and exactly what they will find in any specific page.

This how the page results in Google search will show a snippet of your page description:

How Meta Description tag looks in your code:

<meta name=”Description” content=”One of the best way to found in Google search engine is by the page description; learn how easy is in Dreamweaver cs5.” />

Now I’m going to show you how I do it fast and easy in Dreamweaver cs5 in a Windows 7 platform.
  1. After you have finished to make your page, or in any time before finish it;and your positive sure what is the content all about; close the Code View and open the Design View or keep it opened if you already have opened.
  2. Find the Common Toolbar; it looks like this:

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