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How easy is to setup Home Page

When anyone first open a new browsr always wants to setup a favorite page as a home page. You may want o use Yaho home page, MSN home page, Google home page, or your own home page. All of the browser have more than one option to

Space between lines in Word

If you are getting a document ready for school or college, and you have to do it in “double line”, “single line”, or any other specification for the space between lines. Three different ways to add or reduce the space between lines. First way: Using a keyboard

How to enable JavaScript in Firefox!

If you are trying to view Google ads on Firefox,and you waited long enough to see, and you still can’t see it. You may need to enable Javascript in your browser. In order to enable scripting in Firefox 6.0.1, please follow this instructions: Follow this tutorial: On

How to capture a screen shots

Windows 7 takes us to the easy way of capturing anything on your desktop screen, for example a section of a blog, web page or even a picture. Snipping Tool is the name of the application for this purpose. So whenever you desire to take a picture

Choose your own Start up tabs

In Opera browser you have many options to choose the tab you want to see when every time you start it up! It can start up with the same tabs that where opened when you closed the browser, or with your home page. To choose which tabs you

Find help in Microsoft Word 2010

If you ever wonder where is the option for help in this program I will show where to find it If you don’t already have the program opened go ahead and open it. If look the top-right corner you will see a small blue circle with a

Change Mouse Pointer in Win 7

I’m using my computer everyday to make web pages, and to learn new computer’s languages. Not long ago I started using a second monitor and then I noticed I could not find my mouse’s pointer or cursor. It is not that I lost it, it was like