How to Delete Opera’s browsing history!

The browsing history holds; the history of all the websites you visited, information you’ve entered into the Address bar, temporary internet files, so on. It is important to delete the history especially if you are using your computer in a public place. I’m going to show you how you can delete all those pages visited by you or someone else with access to your computer using Opera Browser 11.01 and 12.02 versions.

    1. At the top-left of Opera window you will find go ahead and click on it, or press in your keyboard Ctrl+Shift+H, it will take you to the History tab!Opera Menu
    2. When you see this menu: Go down the list and click on History.Opera's menu
    3. This is how History tab looks!History tab
    4. In 11.01 version: Before you delete anything, see every options you have like; open, view or even find what’s really want to delete. Once you find what you want to delete; select it and press Delete.
    5. In 12.02 version: Same intructions for version 11.01, the only difference is that you will find the View option and the Search bar at the opposite side of the same bar as Open and Delete options.

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