One fast way to find the recent documents in Word!

If you have Windows 7, you can find your word’s documents fast and easy. Windows 7 has the feature call the Jump List, which lets you see your recent document in any program pinned to the task bar. Even so, I said any program, this is a solution for Microsoft Word, but you can use it on any of the programs you have pinned to the task bar. To find the most recent document it is a necesity to everyone who uses Microsoft Word everyday, either in work or home.

What you need to do first: Pin Word to you task bar.

  1. Click the Start and type: word in search programs and files box.
  2. When you see the program’s menu, right click Microsoft Word or click and drag it to task bar.
  3. If you right-clicked the program: at the program’s options menu, click on Pin to the Task bar.


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