More room in Files Panel in Dreamweaver cs5

Once you start to learning  Dreamweaver cs5,  you will see how easy is to make web page. Suddenly you will have in the Files Panel so many folders and files, and its when you notice that the panel start cutting off the names of the files. This problem occurs because this panel also includes other information, such file Size and Type, Modified date, and even a Checked Out By.  I’m going to tell you there is a way to hide any of the information of the files, so you can have more room in the files panel in Dreamweaver cs5.

So if you want more room in the Files panel?

  1. Choose Site > Manage Sites.

The Manage Sites window appears.

  1. Select your site from the left-hand list of sites and click the Edit button. Remember to do it for all of your site,because this is not a global setting!

The Site Setup window will show.

  1. Expand the list of “Advanced Settings” and select File View Columns from the left hand list of options.

Now you will see the File view column option:

  1. From the list of columns you can select any column that you want to hide and click the little pencil, which is the icon for edit.

A small window appears:

Now you have the options to hide columns from the Files panel and even change their alignment (left, center, right).

  1.  Uncheck the “show” box, then click Save.
  2. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each column you wish to hide. I recommend to leave the one you use most and hide the rest, you can always show them back using the same procedure!
  3. Click the Save button one last time to exit the Site Setup window
  4. Click the Done button to exit the Manage Sites window.

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