Problem with Insert Key in Microsoft Word 2010

I was working with Microsoft Word 2010 today, and when I tried to use my Insert Key I noticed that it didn’t work. So I searched for the solution, and here it is!

If you do not have opened Word 2010 yet, do this…

  • Click Start
  • and in search programs and files(windows7) type: word,
  • you’ll see Microsoft Word 2010 on the top of the programs list, go ahead and click on it.
  • Now with document windows opened: Click File, and go down and click Options.
  • In Word’s Options window: click on Advanced
  • On Advanced; check the box for Use the Insert key to control over type mode.
  • Once that is done! With the document opened, check if you see something like this:
    Jus look the Status Bar at bottom of the document’s window and you will see it. If you can see it, then right-click anywhere in the Status Bar, and select Overtype.
  • You can toggle between Insert and Overtype from there.

It is helpful to use this key, because you don’t have to delete everytime you just want to retype. This solution works for me.



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