How to pin your favorite sites from IE9 to your taskbar in Win 7

Now with Pinned sites in Internet Explorer 9, you can access your favorite websites right from your Windows 7 task bar, you don’t even have to open your browser.

If you want to take advantage of this great feature from Internet Explorer 9, I’ll show how to do it.

With Internet Explorer opened:

  1. Look for your favorite site
  2. Go to the address bar, and when your cursor in over it you will see the instructions.

  1. Go ahead and follow the instructions: Right click and drag to your task bar to pin the favorite site.
  2. This is how is going to look in Windows 7 task bar:

If you decide to unpin the site:

  1. Go over it with you mouse and right click, follow the instruction.

  1. Click on unpin this….

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