How to use dummy text in Word

Dummy text is normally used by the printing and design industry.

Its purpose is the show how the project is going to look before the product end and is available. Now, if you as a designer of a document in word 2010 want to show the document to your client, friend, or someone you are working for, you need to have a way to show an example of the final document.

Since it is your intention just to let them see how is going to look, you need to use some dummy text, no the actual text to use. There are a lot of dummy text generators online and they are easy to find and use. One of the most used one is Lorem Ipsum, which is been the industry’s standard since the 1500’s.

This dummy text is use by designers in so many programs like: Dreamweaver, Font Page, PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, and many more. I’m here to tell you that you can use Lorem ipsum and its own dummy text in Microsoft Word 2010 without using a generator from the internet or copy and paste from the internet like some people do.

How to generate lorem ipsum text:

    1. Have you Word document opened.
    2. type: =lorem() and press Enter.

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