How to pin your favorite program to the task bar

If you have Windows 7, you can have your favorite program at your finger tip, pinning the program to your task bar. Windows 7 has the feature that is called Pin to Task bar, which lets you all your most valuable program reachable and easy to open. You can Pin any program, and if you use Internet Explorer you can even pin your favorite site to the task bar.

The advantage to pin the program to the task bar is (when right-clicked), you have the option of see the last 10 most recent documents and to be able to choose which one you want to open. You also, have the options: to open the program, close the program when you choose to close the window, unpin the program from the task bar, or even pin one or all of your documents to the Jump List.

How to pin the program to your task bar.

Lets say I want to Pin the program Dreamweaver CS 5

    1. Click the Start and type: Dreamweaver in search programs and files box.
    2. When you see the program’s menu, right click Dreamweaver CS 5 or click and drag it to task bar.
    3. If you right-clicked the program: at the program’s options menu, click on Pin to the Task bar.
    4. Once you have pinned the program to the task bar, remember this options:
      • Open the program from the Jump List
      • Close the program if its opened by clicking the close the window button
      • See your last recent documents (last 10), and open it
      • Pin any of the recent documents to the Pin section of the Jump list.
      • Unpin the program

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