How to change the icon’s size in desktop in Windows 7

If you are having a problem looking at your desktop icons, maybe is because they are to small to see it. Well the truth is that we don’t see that well as we were young. We have to say, we don’t see as well as before, so we need some help to see this icons. I will show you how to change the size of the icons in your desktop in Windows 7, because is the system I’m running now.

In Windows desktop with no program opened, just the plain desktop:

    1. Right click the desktop.
    2. On the drop down menu hover over View menu.

  1. As you can see you can choose three different sizes;
    • Large Icons
    • Medium Icons
    • Small Icons
  2. Just play with them and choose the one the fits your eyes. Even so in the image shows I selected the small one (I did it for the purpose of this solution)

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