How to change fonts size in Opera 12.02

Opera browser has the ability (like all browsers) to let you change the font size. So when we don’t see as we did many year ago this option to change the font size come handy. OK, maybe we haven’t lost some vision, but we like a style of font better than the one by default, so this option come handy. For this reason I like to tell you about how easy is to change the font and the font size in this wonderful browser called Opera.

How to change Font and the Font Size:

    1. With the browser opened, click the Icon in your upper-left corner of the browser.

      opera menu

    2. In the Menu list; go down to setting, and press Preferences, or press Ctrl+F12.
    3. When you see the Preferences window; press Web pages tab.If you click on the Normal font button. You will see this windows
    4. If you click on the Normal font button. You will see this windows.
    5. Once you see this windows; you can change the Font, Size, Weight, and so on…after you have chose the one you like, go ahead and click OK.
    6. If you don\’t want to change anything else in Web pages tab from Preferences window, go ahead and click OK to make the changes of the font.


This is how to change the font of Opera. Try and God Bless.


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