How to Reopen Documents on Startup!

I like to have a keyboard shortcut at hand, but what happen is that when I need it I just don’t remember! Or I don’t have a shortcut for that specific task at hand. Dreamweaver cs5 has the ability to let the programer to make its own keyboard’s shortcuts for many tasks, but for reopen the last documents you don’t even need a shortcut to do it. The solution is in the File menu. Now I’m going to show you a how to reopen the last document or documents that was or were opened when you closed Dreamweaver cs5. I advice you I’m running Windows 7 platform.

This is how is done:

    1. If you don’t have Dreamweaver opened, Go ahead and open it!.
    2. Click File menu and hover over Open Recent…
    3. When you hover your mouse over Open Recent, you are going to see a list of at least the last 10 documents you had worked on, giving you the option of reopen any of them.
    4. At the bottom of the list you will see the option To Reopen Documents on Startup, go ahead and click on it, and get out of the File menu to try.
    5. Open a document or two, and close Dreamweaver.
    6. When you open the program, you should see the documents reopened, ready for you to keep working on it!
    7. If you don’t want the document to reopen when you start the program, click again in the Reopen Documents on Startup, and everybody will be happy!

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