How to find the Menu bar in I/E 9

When I first started with the new Internet Explorer I noticed the menu bar was missing or disabled. Then I said I need to find out more about it. So these are some of the solutions I found out. If you are like millions of people (including me!) that love to use the menu bar for our everyday experience with the internet, here are the solutions.When you open Internet Explorer 9 you’ll notice that you are missing the menu bar, that’s find until you really need it. This is when this solution comes handy, because it will tell you an easy way to use just once or leave permanent so you can use it every time you are in wonderful browser.

This image shows you no menu bar at all when you open Internet Explorer 9, but if you need the Menu bar I show you how, because this is what this solution is all about!

internet explorer 9 without menu bar

This is what you need to do to use it only one time.

    1. Then go ahead and press: Altinternet explorer menu bar
    2. Once you press Alt in your keyboard you will have the menu bar until you close the browser or you click anywhere in the page, and I mean anywhere.

If you want to have the menu bar in your Internet Explorer 9 every time you open your browser? Do this:

    1. In Internet Explorer: Right click the favicon or the small image on the left side of the address bar or right click on in any place in the background of the browser header (so I call it).menu bar option on internet explorer 9
    2. Once you see this drop down menu: go ahead and check on Menu bar.

Hint: If you pin you favorite site to task bar (window 7) you will have the menu bar automatically.

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