How to correct monitor flicker in win7

Flickering is a problem that you can find only on CRT monitors. On the other hand LCD or flat panel displays (is also called) monitors don’t create flicker.Sometime when you are working with your computer you may feel eyestrain or headaches, that could be caused by a flickering monitor CRT. The good news is that you can reduce or even eliminate flicker by increasing the screen rate in your monitor. When the refresh rate is at least sets at 75 hertz will produce less flicker. On the LCD monitors there is no need to set the refresh rate higher, because the don’t create flicker.

To correct flicker:

1. Right click anywhere on your desktop. When you see this dialog box on your screen go ahead and click on Screen Resolution. It will take you to Change the appearance of your displays window.

2. Once in the window: click Advanced settings.

3. Once you are in this window; click Monitor tab, and under Screen refresh rate, click any available refresh rate the system gives you. The adjustment of the monitor will take a moment. To keep the changes, click Apply. If the Apply button is not clicked in 15 seconds, the refresh rate will go back to its original setting.

4. Then go ahead and click OK.

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  • If you see you CRT flickering, you should try to change your screen resolution before change the refresh rate. You should know the higher the resolution, the higher the refresh rate should be, even so not all screen resolution is compatible with all refresh rate.
  • Remember any change you do to the refresh rate will affect all users who uses or log on your computer.

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