How to capture a screen shots

Windows 7 takes us to the easy way of capturing anything on your desktop screen, for example a section of a blog, web page or even a picture. Snipping Tool is the name of the application for this purpose. So whenever you desire to take a picture of what you are looking on the desktop, go ahead use the Snipping Tool.

Using this tool you are going to be able to Snip a whole window, any size rectangular section of the screen, or draw a freehand outline with your mouse or tablet pen, or using your finger if you are using a touchscreen. After you have taken the snap shots, you will have the options to save, copy, or e-mail the image in the Snipping Tool window.

Lets get started!

    1. Click the start button.

      Start button

    2. In the Search programs or files type: snipping.

    3. Once you see in the programs list (in my system is the only program) you can do two things:
      • Click on it to start the program at once.
      • Or right click and choose to pin it to the task bar, in this way you will have it at your finger tip ready to use!
    4. Once you have decided, click to start the Tool.
    5. This is the window you will see!  Everything else is going to be kind of white, this is normal.


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