How Set Fonts preferences for documents in Dreamweaver CS5

Dreamweaver font preferences let you view a given encoding in the font and size you prefer. The fonts you select in the Fonts Preferences dialog, however, only affect the way fonts appear in Dreamweaver; they do not affect the way the document appears in a visitor’s browser.

This is how to do it:

    1. Select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Dreamweaver > Preferences (Macintosh), or Ctrl + U.
    2. Select Fonts from the Category list on the left.
    3. Select an encoding type (such as Western European or Japanese) from the Font Settings list. Note: To display an Asian language, you must be using an operating system that supports double-byte fonts.
    4. Select a font and size to use for each category of the selected encoding.

Proportional Font:

This font displays normal text (for example, text in headings, paragraph, and tables). The default for U.S. systems is Times New Roman 12 pt. (Medium) on Windows and Times 12 pt. on Mac Os. This also depends on the system’s installed fonts.

Fixed Font:

This font displays text within pre, code, and tt tags. For most U.S. systems, the default is Courier New 10 pt. (Small) on Windows and Monaco 12 pt. on Mac Os. This also depends on the system’s installed fonts.

Code View:

This fonts displays all text in Code view and Code inspector. The default depends on your system’s installed fonts.


  1. A document’s encoding determines how the document appears in a browser.
  2. To change the way fonts appear in a browser, you need to change the text by using the Property inspector or by applying a CSS rule.


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