How easy is to setup Home Page

When anyone first open a new browsr always wants to setup a favorite page as a home page. You may want o use Yaho home page, MSN home page, Google home page, or your own home page. All of the browser have more than one option to change the default home page, giving you the option of setting up your most favorite page!

Like any other browser, Firefox has these options. Today I’m going to show you the easiest one.

How to set-up your Home page!

    1. Open Firefox, if it’s not opened yet!
    2. I’m using Firefox 13.0; the last released version as of today 6/6/12. If you don’t know your version of Firefox, go ahead and press the Help in the Menu bar and click on About Firefox. You will see the number of the version that you have installed in your computer under Firefox name, and some other information. Also it will tell you if your version is updated or not. In my case when I clicked in about Firefox, the application immediately started downloading the new version, go ahead and give it a try. See Fig. 1
    3. Go to the page you want to use as Home page.

Pages like Google, MSN, Yahoo, or your favorite site.


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