How to get back to my Databases tap in

I was to happy about going forward with Dreamweaver CC, and everything was fine. I’m very happy with this amazing Web design Software, but I really need my Server Behaviors. For that reason I started to search for a solution. I found one post in Adobe Community, that told me how to enable back this feature.

In this new release of Dreamweaver cc the server behaviors is disabled, and it could be available as an extension. This extension will work the same way it did before! It only need to be enable again. This page is all about on how to enable back the server behavior’s tap in Dreamweaver Creative Cloud.

How to enable the feature in Windows 7

    1. Click the Start:
    2. Go on Computer.
    3. Then, click on the Drive you install Dreamweaver cc
    4. Look for Programs Files (x86), and click.
    5. In Programs Files list Adobe should be in the top of the list, click on it.
    6. Once in the new window, click Dreamweaver CC.
    7. Go to configuration and you should know already! click
    8. Once in the configuration folder, look for Disabled Features Folder and click.
    9. Yes! Click on Deprecated_ServerBehaviorsPanel_Support. It will install by itself.
    10. Enjoy yours databases.

In my system Windows 7 Ultimate:

  1. I click the Start button
  2. Type or at list start typing: Deprecated_ServerBehaviorsPanel_Support.
  3. In the top of the listI see the Extension.
  4. It will install itself into Dreamweacer cc.
  5. In case you don\’t know. How to have it, in your Workspace:

For Mac users: I try this video I found in You Tube from: Silas Lepcha.

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