How to enable Site Map in Dreamweaver cs5

When I started using Dreamweaver cs5 I try to make a site map page, then I noticed that I was missing the Site map view on my files panel.

siteMap view missing

So I started searching for a solution on this matter, and I found out that this feature is only disabled and need to be enabled again by the user in Dreamweaver cs5. I found a solution for Windows 7 ultimate, so this is how I enabled this feature in my program.

So I want to share with you my solution.

You need to go into the registry in Windows. I highly recommend! that if you don’t know to work with your registry find someone to do it for you. I have to advice you NO NOT go into the registry if you don’t know what to do. But if you know how to work with you registry, here it is.


1. Click the Start button

start bottom

2. In the search program and files…

3. Type: regedit

4. Go ahead and on regedit. exe

5. You will see a warning from Windows, asking for permission to use Registry Editor to do changes in your system. If you are completely sure what to do go ahead and click yes. If you still have any doubt: STOP NOW!

6. When you get into Registry Editor click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER

7. Go ahead and click on Software

8. In Software look for Adobe Program:

9. On Adobe folder find Dreamweaver CS5 and click on it.

10. On Dreamweaver CS5 folder go down to Feature Management and click on it.

11. On your right side window you will see Site Map, go ahead double click it.

then you are going to see the Edit String dialog box with False highlighted, go ahead and type TRUE. Click OK.

Then close Registry Editor and open Dreamweaver now you should be able to see it.

Now you will see your site map of your site!

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