How to use grid layout in Dreamweaver cs5

Are you like many people whom are so use to work with grid, and still haven’t realized that Dreamweaver cs5 has it in the drop down menu of View. I just found out about it today, and even I don’t use it a lot, I know many people love to use it. The grid layout displays horizontals and verticals lines in the Document window. You can position all your element exactly the way you wanted.

This a solution about how to Show Grid, how to Snap to Grid, and how to change the setting of the Grid. I’m assuming that you already have Dreamweaver document opened!

How show the layout Grid

View | Grid | Show Grid or Ctrl + Alt +G

the grid option in dreamweaver cs5

How to Snap to Grid

View | Grid | Snap to Grid or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G

When set, all objects that are being positioned will be aligned with grid lines. Snapping works whether or not the grid is visible.

How to change Grid settings

View | Grid | Grid settings:

grid setting dialog box

Set the option you want to change and click apply .

  • Color: Changes the color of the grid line.
  • Show Grid: Shows the grid visible in Design View.
  • Snap to Grid: Makes the elements snap to the lines of the grid.
  • Spacing: Sets how you need the lines apart. You can use Pixels, Inches, or Centimeters.
  • Display: Select if you want lines or dots.

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