The 386solution site is made only to share solutions about some projects or situations I have encountered during my own experience. Some solutions deal with computers, some deal with projects around the house, others with using programs in my computer, and in my job as a maitenance tech.

I don’t intend to have a solution for everything (nobody does!). The ones I’ll share in this site are the ones I have found during those days as a maintenance technictian for 14 years, searching the internet, or asking people. Others solutions I hace found by studying, reading, listening to others, about how to make, do, improve, and/or to fix what I had at hand at that specific time.

I have tried some the solutions myself, and I have had very good results. Most of the solutions I’m sharing here in this site, I have searched for them with the intention to help those with the need of a quick, fast and easy solution for a situation they have at the moment. Remember, this site is only for the purpose of sharing some solutions to help you. All situations are different to everybody, so if you try any of these solutions I’m not responsible for the results.

386 is not responsible for any decision you make based on information in any the pages of this site.