Creating a keyboard shortcut in Dreamweaver cs5

Dreamweaver has its own Keyboard Shortcut Editor to create new shortcuts, remove the one you don’t need or want any more, edit the existing one,and select predetermined set of shortcuts. It is a great toll if you like to have your own keyboard shortcuts, which save you time from reaching your mouse!

How you can create your own shortcut keys, edit the existing one, or select a predetermined set.

    1. Select Edit | Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) or Dreamweaver | Keyboard Shortcuts (Macintosh).
    2. Select Current Set or Commands options and then click OK.

Keyboard Shortcuts Options box.

1. Current Set: This option allows you to choose a set of predetermined shortcuts included with Dreamweaver, or any  custom set you’ve defined. The predetermined sets are listed at the top of the menu.
2. Commands: This option allows you to select a category of command to edit.
3. The command list Will displays the commands associated with the category you selected from the Commands pop-up menu, along with the assigned shortcuts. The Commands Menu will show you a list like a tree view that looks like the structure of the menus.
4. Shortcuts Displays all shortcuts assigned to the selected command.
5. Add Item (+) This button is to add any new shortcut to the list.
6. Remove Item (-) Use this button to remove a selected shortcut from the list.
7. Press Key Here you have the option of add a new combination key or change an existing one.
8. Change When change is pressed, it will adds a new combination key or changes the selected shortcut to the specific combination.
9. Duplicate Set Use it to duplicates the current set.
10. Rename Set Use this button if you want to rename your any of your sets.
11.Export as HTML File Here you have the option to save the current set in an HTML table format for easy viewing in a browser or to print the set.
12. Delete Set You cannot delete the active set

To add or edit a keyboard shortcut for a code snippet, select Snippet form the Commands pop-up menu.

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