Compile error in hidden module: Connect

If you are experiencing this annoying Microsoft Visual basic for Applications in Microsoft Word 2010, so you have an idea of my own feelings when it happened to me. Let me tell you, every time I opened Word, there it was, every single time. Then I decided, enough is enough, so I when to my special place online, “the search engine”, and I ended up finding the solution in Microsoft Community blog. This solution was posted by ComNerdZZZ from the Microsoft Community. Even so, he was answering a request on: Compile error in hidden module: Autostart, and my was: Compile error in hidden module: Connect, it worked the same. That’s been said, I’m going to show how I followed his instructions to fix this problem.


Remember! It is recommended, every time you are going to get deep in the system: Back-up your system or make Restore point, and back-up the registry.

Follow this instructions:
  1. Click the Start button:
  2. In search programs and files, type:
    %userprofile%Application DataMicrosoftWordStartup
  3. And press Enter.
  4. Once you see in the program list the Start up folder, click on it.
  5. The Start up folder opens, f you see any file in that folder, remove it or drag it to your desktop (recommended), and close the window.
  6. Now, open Microsoft Word.

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