How to Clear Recent History in Firefox 3.6.15

It is nice to save all the history of journey around the world thru the internet and go back there as many times you want, all the things you have downloaded, site visited, forms and Search bar history, cookies and so on. This information is save in the browser’s History, and if someone has access to your computer or using a public computer, or sharing your computer with someone, you may not want others to see this information that belong only to you. This is when is important to know how to delete your browsing history!

  • At the top of Firefox window, click on the Tools menu, and select Clear Recent History.
  • When you see clear recent history window you have the option of how far back you want to clear. Click the arrow to see what your options are.

clear recent history1


  • Here you can see how much you want to delete or clear. Please be very careful with your choices, because you wont see again once you clear it.
  • Careful! Before you click Clear Now, click on Details and after you see what you really want to delete(clear), then and only then press Clear Now.
  • Now you know how to clear(delete) your recent history in Firefox.


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