How to find the Character Maps in Windows 7

Character Map is an utility included with Microsoft Windows operating systems to find special characters that cannot be found on your keyboard. Using the Character Map you can insert special character to your document by pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard, or just; select, copy and paste to the document.

There are two ways I know on how to find the Character Maps in Windows 7, and one way how to keep handy.

  1. Using Start Menu Programs
  2. Using the search programs and files box.
  3. How to Pin the Character Maps to the Task Bar.

I. Using Start Menu Programs:

    1. Click on Start Menu.
    2. On the Programs Menu, click on All Programs.
    3. Now click on Accessories Folder.
    4. In Accessories in System Tools Folder.
    5. You will see Character Maps at the top of the list.
    6. Click on it and you have!

      II. Using search programs and files box.

      1. Click on Start Menu.

        start buton

      2. In search program and files box type: char.
      3. At the top of that window, you’ll see Character Maps.
      4. Click on it, and you will have opened.

      III. How to Keep the Character Maps handy:

      1. Once you have found it, right-click on it.
      2. Click where says: Pin to Task bar.
      3. Then you will always have it on the task bar.

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