Change the Spelling dictionary in Dreamweaver cs5

I don’t know about you, but every time I write any document in my computer I always look for a spelling check feature. Like most of the words processor have, Dreamweaver has Spelling check too. The good thing in Dreamweaver is that you can change it to any of the most common languages. Now when you have your new page ready to launch, don’t forget to run Spelling checker on it, using your preferred language. It doesn’t matter what language, because you can always change it to the language you use to create the web page you worked on.

Now I will show you how to change it

I’m assuming you already have your web page done! So the only thing you need to do is follow this guide lines:

  1. Go to Menu bar and click on Edit and click on Preferences… or Ctrl+U

    Dreamweaver cs5 Edit-preferences option

  2. Once you are in the Preferences Windows; In Categories click on General Tab, when you see the General windows you will see at the bottom the option for the Spelling dictionary. Go ahead and choose the one you need and click OK
  3. Now go ahead run the spelling checker on your new page. The shortcut for spelling check is Shift+F7
  4. Do not forget to change it back to your normal language. Just Ctrl+U, choose your language and click OK.

Running the spelling checker is a very good habit

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