Change Mouse Pointer in Win 7

I’m using my computer everyday to make web pages, and to learn new computer’s languages. Not long ago I started using a second monitor and then I noticed I could not find my mouse’s pointer or cursor. It is not that I lost it, it was like the mouse pointer was hidden somewhere in between the monitors and sometime was in the monitor I had turned off.

Well, I decided that it was time for me to make it more visible to me! So I changed its properties.

How to change Mouse Pointer properties!

    1. Right-clicked my desktop
    2. In the Personalize Window, click Change mouse pointer link.
    3. In the Mouse Properties window, click on the Pointers tab and then in the Scheme area, press the small arrow and then choose the Windows scheme that work better for you. I chose Window Black [extra large][system scheme].
    4. Choose one and then click, Apply and then OK.

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