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How to Delete Opera’s browsing history!

The browsing history holds; the history of all the websites you visited, information you’ve entered into the Address bar, temporary internet files, so on. It is important to delete the history especially if you are using your computer in a public place. I’m going to show you

How to know what version of Opera you may have

Here is how you can know the version of the Opera browser you may have. Click the start Menu. When you see this this dropdown menu: Go down the list and click on About Opera. Here is the information about the new version. As you can see

Set Opera as the default browser

Opera Software with millions of users worldwide. Opera can handle common Internet-related tasks such as displaying web sites, sending and receiving , downloading files. Right now the latest version is 12. If you like to use this wonderful browser you can set it up as your default browser. If you don’t have the

How to change fonts size in Opera 12.02

Opera browser has the ability (like all browsers) to let you change the font size. So when we don’t see as we did many year ago this option to change the font size come handy. OK, maybe we haven’t lost some vision, but we like a style

What is Opera

Opera Software is one of the best web browser made to make your web experience unforgettable. It was created by an independent Scandinavian company that its is in business since 1994. They have dedicated his business making web browsers. The founders of this company saw the Internet as

Choose your own Start up tabs

In Opera browser you have many options to choose the tab you want to see when every time you start it up! It can start up with the same tabs that where opened when you closed the browser, or with your home page. To choose which tabs you