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Where is the search bar in Internet Explorer 9?

One of most feature of any browser is Search bar. The Search bar is what makes our daily experience on line so easy and fun. When ever you need an information about anything, see an image, find a recipe, or anything else you your eyes always turn

Find what version of Internet Explorer you have.

To find out the version of Internet Explorer you have, and the information concerning about the browser. Open Internet Explorer; click the Start and type: internet and press Enter. Once you have it opened. Press Alt-H and click: About Internet Explorer Then you will see all the information you

Uninstall Internet Explorer (ie9)

To uninstall Internet Explorer (ie9) If you have installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta or Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) in your computer, and you want to remove ie9 from follow this simple instructions..this instructions can also be applied to Windows Vista and Windows 7. Click the Start button In Search

How to delete browsing history from Internet Explorer

Whenever you use the internet it always store some information about the history of your browsing, like cookies, temporary internet file, the website you visited, all the websites information you entered like names, address, saved passwords. In other words information that you don’t want to share with

How to find the Menu bar in I/E 9

When I first started with the new Internet Explorer I noticed the menu bar was missing or disabled. Then I said I need to find out more about it. So these are some of the solutions I found out. If you are like millions of people (including

How to enable JavaScript in IE 9

“JavaScript is a scripting language that runs on visitor’s web browser. I assume you already know that, almost all the pages in the internet contain JavaScritp. The purpose of JavaScritp is to make the pages more functional on specific task, and that functionality can be limited by