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How to setup Home Page in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is free, fast and reliable. It is a free web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. Google Chrome had 34% worldwide usage share of web browser making it one of the most widely used web browser. It is a good practice of

Set up a default Search Engine in Chrome

In Chrome, the search engine in integrated in the address box (omnibox). In this way Chrome facilitate your search experience, because doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you just have to type it in the address bar. If you need to know about a recipe, a

How to change font default size in Chrome

Sometime when we read we notice we are either forcing our eyes to see better, and this is because the font size is no the right size for us anymore. The could be to small or we just a more convenient font’s size to read. It is not always

Create an application’s shortcut in Google Chrome!

In Google Chrome you have the option of making a shortcut from any of the site you like to visit regularly! This option comes very handy, specially if you do not have much time in your busy day. In this option you do not even have to

Enable Javascript in Google Chrome

If you are trying to see Google ads in Chrome and you can\’t see it, maybe is because you have Javascript disable in your browser. Sometimes this is caused by upgrading your browser, or with a new security software you installed, or security patches. When you can\’t

How to import bookmarks and setting to chrome

In Google Chrome is very easy to import all your bookmarks from Internet Explorer, or from Mozilla Firefox. You can import your settings. You don’t have to be afraid of losing your most valuable bookmarks, and settings from your favorites browser. Lets try it! Download and set

What to do when the search engine changed by an unwanted program

It is annoying to see that your settings in Google Chrome are changed! In addition, you or another person using your computer didn’t change them, which is even worst! This problem happens when installing or updating some type of software can cause these unwanted changes. In among