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How to Clear Recent History in Firefox 3.6.15

It is nice to save all the history of journey around the world thru the internet and go back there as many times you want, all the things you have downloaded, site visited, forms and Search bar history, cookies and so on. This information is save in

How easy is to setup Home Page

When anyone first open a new browsr always wants to setup a favorite page as a home page. You may want o use Yaho home page, MSN home page, Google home page, or your own home page. All of the browser have more than one option to

How to enable JavaScript in Firefox!

If you are trying to view Google ads on Firefox,and you waited long enough to see, and you still can’t see it. You may need to enable Javascript in your browser. In order to enable scripting in Firefox 6.0.1, please follow this instructions: Follow this tutorial: On