How to blog using Microsoft Word 2010

Do you love to blog? Are you one of the millions that want to keep in touch with all your family, friends and coworkers? With Microsoft Word 2010 you don’t have to throw all the steps you always do. Now you can do it from Word 2010, if you have an existing Blogger account. If you don’t have the account yet, click here! to open one now.

Once you have your Blogger blog ready, gather all the information, user name and password, go ahead and open Word . Lets do what I did to make my first blog with Word 2010.

In Microsoft Word 2010:

1. Open Microsoft Word 2010. Start | type: word | press: Enter.

2. Once opened click File and go down to New and click on Blog post.

3. On your left hand side you are going to see Create, click on it.

4. It is going to take you to the registration wizard dialog box. Here, you will have other options like: Word Press, Windows Live Spaces, etc. But this solution is only intended for Blogger.

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