Align text in word 2010

If you are like many guys, whom have to make documents, presentation, or project; for your boss, for a school’s class, for someone you want to impress, or for other reason, you need to use texts, images, graphics, and some other media. Since you’ve found this page, I’m assuming you are using Word 2010, and you need to know how to manage text align for your document, so you can make a better looking document, presentation,or project.

Even so, I mentioned; images, graphics, and other medias, this tutorial is about: align text in Microsoft Word 2010. You can align the text to; the left of the document, right, center, or justify.

Aligning to the left (default) :

  1. By default Word 10, the text is align to the left.
  2. If for any reason, your text is not align to the left, do this:
  • Press Alt+H in your keyboard; you will see this; click on PG option.
    You can also get to Paragraph window by; Right-click the document | Click Paragraph in the drop-down menu, or go File | Click the small arrow in the right-bottom corner in the Paragraph section.
  • In the Paragraph window: change the alignment in the General Option. The options are: left, right, center, and justify.
  • If you want the alignment to be the default alignment; go to the bottom of the window and click the Use As Default button, and click OK.

Align text in your document easy and fast:

  1. Align text to the left: Select the page, paragraph or just click inside the paragraph you want to have to the left, and then press: Ctrl + L.
  2. To the Right: Ctrl + R.
  3. To the Center: Ctrl + E.
  4. To justify the text: Ctrl + J

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