Add text to a document

Sometime time when you already have finished a page you go over it, and most of the time you notice that you need to change the way you explained what you wrote and decide to delete or add some text. You know if you add more text it will be better understood by all of those that loves to read your pages.

In Dreamweaver to add a text to a document, you can type direct in Document window, or you can use the copy and paste option. You can also import it from another document.

If you use Paste you have only two options: Paste and Paste Special.

Keyboard Shortcut: Control+V (Windows) and Command+V (Macintosh).

Paste option will paste everything.

Paste Special command lets you specify the format of pasted text in different ways. For example, if you wanted to paste text from a formatted document into your document, but wanted to get rid of all of the formatting so that you could apply your own CSS style sheet to the pasted text, you could select the text , copy it, and use the Paste Special command to select the option that lets you paste text only.

To add text to your document do this:

  • * Type text in the document window.
  • * After you have copied the text from another application, position the insertion point in Design view of the document window, and select Edit | Paste or Edit | Paste Special. Or use the keyboard shortcuts option for paste.

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