How to add spaces between characters

Sometime when you are working in a page you need to add more space between characters specially if you want to add meaning to the word you are writing about. Since you are in this page I’m assuming you are looking for a solution on how to add space between characters in Dreamweaver, I will tell how. First you need to know that this wonderful program will only allows for one space between characters. Second if you need an extra space in a document you have to insert a non-breaking space. Third you can set you preference to add non-breaking spaces in the document automatically.

Insert a non-breaking space in a document

    1.  Select Insert | HTML | Special Characters | Non-Breaking Space.

  1. In Insert panel chose the Text category, click the Characters button and select Non-Breaking icon.
  2. Control + Shift + Spacebar ( Windows ) or Option + Spacebar ( Macintosh ).

Set preference to add non-breaking space

  1. Edit | Preferences ( Windows ) or Dreamweaver | Preferences ( Macintosh ).
  2. In the General category on Editing option make sure to check on Allow Multiple Consecutive Spaces, and click OK.

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