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Opera Software is one of the best web browser made to make your web experience unforgettable. It was created by an independent Scandinavian company that its is in business since 1994. They have dedicated his business making web browsers. The founders of this company saw the Internet as a way to have information free for everyone, regardless who they are, where they are connection from, or where they lived.

What drive them is to make web browser easy to use that can run in computers, tablets, phones or any other devices. Today it is possible to run Opera Browser from any where in the planet, where a computer could be connected.

Even so, theirs headquarters is in Oslo, Norway. Opera is expanded all around the world in 13 different locations.

If you like to get in contact whit them, here is their info.




Opera Software ASA

Gjerdrums vei 19

NO-0484 OSLO


Mailing address:


Opera Software ASA

P.O. Box 4214 Nydalen

NO-0401 OSLO





Tel: +47 2369 2400

Fax: +47 2369 2401

9am — 5pm (Oslo, Norway: GMT+1)

NOTE: Product support is not available via telephone in any of the offices.

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