My name is Luis A Melendez,

I’m one of many that uses the Internet often and the computer, and find himself or herself in the position to finish a project without knowing how to proceed to finish..

386 Solutions has been designed with the purpose to help. To help anyone with the need of a solution to any software or application problem.

I have the only intention to bring solutions, which is a means of solving problems, or the correct answer to solve a puzzles, or a product that meet your need, or services designed to meet a particular need.

It will bring to you the solution you maybe looking for, about different applications like Dreamweaver cs5, Microsoft Word 2010, Windows 7, Internet Explorer, and more.

Sometimes we only need: an idea to get a project done, an answer to a question, a product to work around the house work, park, or while traveling, or in the beach, or any other place you need to go. Maybe when servicing your clients or a friend you need a solution.