Where is the search bar in Internet Explorer 9?

One of most feature of any browser is Search bar. The Search bar is what makes our daily experience on line so easy and fun. When ever you need an information about anything, see an image, find a recipe, or anything else you your eyes always turn to that upper left corner of the browser searching the Search bar. As you can see in Internet Explorer 9 you won’t find the Search bar.

In Internet Explorer 9 you can search directly from the Address bar. You can either search for a website or anything else.

    1. Open Internet Explorer 9
    2. If you enter a website address, it will take you directly to the site
    3. If you enter a word to search or an incomplete address, you are launching a search using your current search engine.
    4. Click your Address bar to choose your preferred Search engine Icon at the bottom of the search window.
    5. If your preferred Search engine at the bottom, you can always add it. Click the Add button on the bottom right corner of the search window and follow the instructions.

Enjoy the convenience of the new way of search in Internet Explorer !

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